See what the clients are saying about The Matworx...
"Since I have been taking yoga my fibromyalgia has been under control, giving me back my quality of life. I will never quit!"
- Denise H.
"Yoga is a great way to retain my flexibility while improving my balance."
- PJ
"Find what you like and it will stick with you -- This describes yoga & pilates exactly for me! I have gained so much flexibility and strength. Can't imagine going without it either."
- Chris M.
"I love the classes at the Matworx. At fifty and fabulous, I have never felt better or more flexible."
- Donna S.
"I started yoga to regain strength and flexibility. Donna's classes are an enjoyable and healthy way to achieve those goals. She's an excellent instructor who takes the time to ensure that we understand the importance of performing the correct form of each pose. She thoroughly exlains and demonstrates the proper technique and at the same time, recognizes ecah person's abilities and limitations. The classes are fun, rewarding, and beneficial. I'm so glad to have made the decision to participate."
- Denise E.
The Matworx is a fitness studio located at Frontier Community College's Bobcat Den in Fairfield, IL focusing on Pilates & Yoga since 2002.
Co-owners Donna Frutiger and Denise Hillard are certified in Pilates & Yoga.
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